Bahria Town Islamabad

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Phase 8 , Bahria Town Islamabad

Sector/BlockProperty TypePlot SizeMin.PriceMax.Price
AResidential Plot10 Marla110.00 Lacs1.40 Crore
AResidential Plot1 Kanal180.00 Lacs2.50 Crore
A-1Residential Plot10 Marla120.00 Lacs1.40 Crore
A-1Residential Plot1 Kanal280.00 Lacs3.30 Crore
BResidential Plot10 Marla140.00 Lacs1.80 Crore
BResidential Plot1 Kanal210.00 Lacs2.70 Crore
CResidential Plot10 Marla130.00 Lacs1.50 Crore
CResidential Plot1 Kanal200.00 Lacs2.50 Crore
DResidential Plot10 Marla120.00 Lacs1.40 Crore
DResidential Plot1 Kanal210.00 Lacs2.80 Crore
D ExtensionResidential Plot7 Marla70.00 Lacs85.00 Lacs
EResidential Plot10 Marla120.00 Lacs130.00 Lacs
EResidential Plot1 Kanal160.00 Lacs1.80 Crore
E-1Residential Plot5 Marla80.00 Lacs90.00 Lacs
E-1Residential Plot6 Marla90.00 Lacs110.00 Lacs
E-1Residential Plot10 Marla130.00 Lacs140.00 Lacs
E-3Residential Plot5 Marla65.00 Lacs75.00 Lacs
E-4Residential Plot5 Marla65.00 Lacs75.00 Lacs
F-1Residential Plot10 Marla110.00 Lacs1.40 Crore
F-1Residential Plot1 Kanal180.00 Lacs2.20 Crore
F-2Residential Plot10 Marla90.00 Lacs130.00 Lacs
F-3Residential Plot10 Marla90.00 Lacs130.00 Lacs
F-3Residential Plot1 Kanal130.00 Lacs1.90 Crore
F-4Residential Plot1 Kanal90.00 Lacs1.40 Crore
F-5Residential Plot1 Kanal110.00 Lacs140.00 Lacs
GResidential Plot10 Marla115.00 Lacs140.00 Lacs
HResidential Plot10 Marla125.00 Lacs1.60 Crore
HResidential Plot1 Kanal180.00 Lacs2.20 Crore
IResidential Plot5 Marla65.00 Lacs70.00 Lacs
IResidential Plot7 Marla70.00 Lacs80.00 Lacs
IResidential Plot10 Marla100.00 Lacs130.00 Lacs
JResidential Plot7 Marla75.00 Lacs80.00 Lacs
JResidential Plot10 Marla85.00 Lacs95.00 Lacs
KResidential Plot7 Marla70.00 Lacs85.00 Lacs77
KResidential Plot10 Marla110.00 Lacs120.00 Lacs
LResidential Plot5 Marla75.00 Lacs90.00 Lacs
LResidential Plot7 Marla85.00 Lacs100.00 Lacs
LResidential Plot10 Marla105.00 Lacs120.00 Lacs
MResidential Plot5 Marla75.00 Lacs85.00 Lacs
MResidential Plot7 MarlaN/AN/A
MResidential Plot10 Marla90.00 Lacs120.00 Lacs
NResidential Plot5 Marla70.00 Lacs85.00 Lacs
NResidential Plot7 MarlaN/AN/A
NResidential Plot10 Marla90.00 Lacs110.00 Lacs
PResidential Plot1 Kanal140.00 Lacs1.90 Crore
Overseas Enclave Sector 1Residential Plot1 Kanal2.50 Crore2.9
Overseas Enclave Sector 1Residential Plot2 Kanal3.20 Crore4.00 Crore
Overseas Enclave Sector 2Residential Plot10 Marla1.60 Lacs1.80 Crore
Overseas Enclave Sector 3Residential Plot10 Marla1.50 Lacs1.70 Crore
Overseas Enclave Sector 3Residential Plot1 Kanal2.20 Crore2.50 Crore
Overseas Enclave Sector 3Residential Plot2 Kanal4.30 Crore4.80 Crore
Overseas Enclave Sector 4Residential Plot1 Kanal140.00 Lacs1.80 Crore
Overseas Enclave Sector 5Residential Plot5 Marla80.00 Lacs90.00 Lacs
Overseas Enclave Sector 5Residential Plot10 Marla160.00 Lacs180.00 Lacs
Overseas Enclave Sector 5Residential Plot1 Kanal200.00 Lacs2.40 Crore
Overseas Enclave Sector 6Residential Plot10 Marla140.00 Lacs1.60 Crore
Overseas Enclave Sector 7Residential Plot10 Marla120.00 Lacs1.50 Crore
Abu BakarResidential Plot7 Marla75.00 Lacs85.00 Lacs
UmerResidential Plot7 Marla80.00 Lacs90.00 Lacs
UsmanResidential Plot7 Marla75.00 Lacs85.00 Lacs
Usman DResidential Plot1 Kanal160.00 Lacs2.40 Crore
AliResidential Plot5 Marla75.00 Lacs85.00 Lacs
AliResidential Plot7 Marla85.00 Lacs95.00 Lacs
RafiResidential Plot5 Marla70.00 Lacs80.00 Lacs
RafiResidential Plot8 Marla90.00 Lacs110.00 Lacs
Rafi ExtensionResidential Plot10 Marla65.00 Lacs90.00 Lacs
Club CityResidential Plot1 Kanal2.10 Crore2.50 Crore
Club CityResidential Plot2 Kanal3.40 Crore3.90 Crore
Bahria OrchardResidential Plot5 Marla41.00 Lacs48.00 Lacs
Bahria OrchardResidential Plot8 Marla45.00 Lacs54.00 Lacs
Bahria OrchardResidential Plot10 Marla75.00 Lacs80.00 Lacs
Bahria OrchardResidential Plot1 Kanal95.00 Lacs140.00 Lacs
Rose GardenResidential Plot5 Marla53.00 Lacs65.00 Lacs
Phase 8 ExtensionResidential Plot5 Marla30.00 Lacs35.00 Lacs
Phase 8 ExtensionResidential Plot8 Marla38.00 Lacs42.00 Lacs
Phase 8 ExtensionResidential Plot10 Marla48.00 Lacs56.00 Lacs
Phase 8 ExtensionResidential Plot1 Kanal75.00 Lacs90.00 Lacs
Bahria HamletResidential Plot10 Marla140.00 Lacs160.00 Lacs
Bahria HamletResidential Plot1 Kanal1.80 Lacs2.20 Crore
Bahria HamletResidential Plot2 Kanal2.80 Crore3.50 Crore
KhalidResidential Plot8 Marla75.00 Lacs85.00 Lacs
AwaisResidential Plot8 Marla85.00 Lacs90.00 Lacs
Eden Lake ViewResidential Plot10 Marla1.20 Crore1.50 Crore
Safari Homes Sector BHouse8 Marla140.00 Lacs1.70 Crore
Safari Homes Sector CHouse5 Marla Single90.00 Lacs110.00 Lacs
Safari Homes Sector EHouse8 Marla125.00 Lacs1.40 Crore
Safari Homes Sector FHouse5 Marla Single90.00 Lacs110.00 Lacs
Safari Homes Sector FHouse5 Marla Double120.00 Lacs140.00 Lacs
Awami Villas 1Fiber Hut5 Marla42.00 Lacs55.00 Lacs
Awami Villas 2Fiber Hut5 Marla52.00 Lacs55.00 Lacs
Awami Villas 2Apartment5 Marla55.00 Lacs60.00 Lacs
Awami Villas 3Apartment5 Marla45.00 Lacs50.00 Lacs
Awami Villas 4Apartment5 Marla35.00 Lacs40.00 Lacs
Awami Villas 5Apartment5 Marla45.00 Lacs50.00 Lacs
Awami Villas 6Apartment5 Marla56.00 Lacs55.00 Lacs
Updated onAug 2022


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