5 Tips For Interior Design Wall

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Adding colors, texture, and painting design to the wall can enhance the interior design. Moreover, painting design has been a symbol of a sense of depth and texture in any room. There are many ways to transform a room from bland to beautiful with countless designs. Here are some interior design wall tips that will help you out in renovating your home

Tips For Interior Design Walls

  • Ombre Walls
  • Geometric Shapes
  • Murals
  • Stripes
  • Textured Walls

Omber Walls

Ombre walls are surprisingly increasing nowadays. Colors lend gradually from one color to another. This effect can add depth and interest to the room. Bathrooms and Bedrooms are suitable for these types of walls. Omber walls come up with a calm and soothing effect. Soft colors should be used in omber walls like pastel colors. Brighter colors will give a bald effect to the room

Omber Wall Design – Awan Properties

Geometric Shapes

While adding a texture of geometric shapes to the wall one can use different shapes like triangles, squares, and diamonds in your design. To create shapes, first color the wall with a solid color then use tapes to form the shapes. Then these shapes can be filled with different colors of your own choice, which will be unique or eye-catching designs. Geometric shapes can be used in modern and present spaces

Geometric Wall Design – Awan Properties


Murals are a unique and versatile effect on wall painting. It can add a splash of color to any room. From abstract to landscape designs, murals are found in every shape and size. If you are looking for the effect of a mural, then go for one wall with mural texture while the remaining wall with a neutral effect to stand out the room. 

Horse Mural Wall Design – Awan Properties


You can incorporate designs into your space in different ways by using stripes. Stripes can be used in horizontal and vertical forms. Using neutral colors like beige or grey in thin strips and solid colors in thick stripes can form a sophisticated effect on the room. Use stripes on just one wall or on the entire room

Stripes Wall Design – Awan Properties

Textured Walls

The special roller is used to form a textured wall, Texture wall adds depth and interest to the room. Living rooms and Dining rooms are best for texture walls, as they have a cozy and inviting effect. 

Texture Wall Design – Awan Properties

While decorating your room wall, it is important to consider what you want. There are numeral patterns that are used while decorating the walls of the room. Any room can be transformed into a work of art with some creativity.

Some designers will create an awesome effect while designing the interior of the house. There are many designer houses available in DHA Islamabad or Bahria Town Islamabad. 

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