Where The Government Spent Its Income?

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A group of people, who has the authority to govern people or a state.

As the government generates income from various sources, Likewise it has to incur expenditures on various counts. There are the following heads on which the government spent its income.

Heads Of Government Expenditure


Defence is the basic necessity of every citizen. To this end, the government must ensure the safety of the country’s boundaries and every citizen alike from foreign aggression. So, the state has to keep the air force, and ground forces with the necessary modern arms, equipment, ships, and war technology. The state has to spend income on defence forces. 


 Apart from defending external boundaries, it is the state’s responsibility to provide a good security environment and law and order in society. To ensure the security of the people, their properties, and other assets, the state establishes the department of police. This department also required some latest arms and equipment. The state has to spend income on the maintenance of these pieces of equipment.


The state has to establish a judicial system to punish the people who violate the law and rules. The government has to incur a huge amount of expenditure to provide justice through courts.          

Civil Administration         

To run the affairs of the state, the government has to establish various departments. For this purpose, the Govt has established a secretariat to look into the affairs of various departments. Likewise, the district government has to run affairs at the district level. While the provincial and central levels also play their role.  So a part of Government income is contributed to establishing or maintaining civil administration departments. 

Public Health

It is the duty of the government to provide basic health facilities to its citizens. For instance, Govt establishes hospitals, healthcare units, dispensaries, and pharmacies. Govt also appoints doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. A huge amount of Govt is also spent on this department. 


Every person has a right to gain a quality education. It is the responsibility of the Govt to provide quality education to its citizen. To this end, it has to establish educational institutes to provide quality education to the general public at modest rates. The Govt establishes colleges, schools, and technical institutions for this purpose. Govt also hires qualified staff for these institutions. 

Means of Transportation and Communication

It is the responsibility of the government to provide a good means of transportation and communication. The mobility of goods and services, people, and other economic activities should be smooth. For instance, the Govt should construct new roads, railways, highways, sea ports, and airports. The Govt spends a huge amount of income on this department. 


The Govt also provides irrigational facilities to increase agricultural output. For this purpose, the Govt constructed dams, barrages, canals, and tube wells for the farmers. 

To this end, the Govt has to bear a lot of expenses

Welfare and Social Services

The Govt has to perform some social activities. For this purpose, they established orphanages and disabled centers. The government also established public libraries and parks for recreational activities. Govt has to bear expenses for performing such activities.

So, It is the responsibility of every country’s Government to provide all facilities to its citizen. It has to work on the policies to make a surplus budget. So, the country experiences sustainable economic growth which leads the country to a developed nation.

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