3 Key Features Of Workplace Design

3 Key features of workplace design - Awan Properties

A space where one works, either in an office or a home. The environment of the workplace should be characterized by trust and honesty. Besides all the characteristics the workplace should be designed in a way that reflects a soothing and calming environment. It should be so attractive that every worker feels energetic while doing work. There are three main key features of workplace design that play an important role in the employee’s performance. 

3 Key Features Of Workplace Design

  • Aesthetics
  • Space Management
  • Communicative Spaces


Aesthetics, Aesthetics, and Aesthetics. Be focused on it, and while designing your workplace, keep it first priority. People engaged and energize with the aesthetically pleasing environment. Staff creativity is enhanced effectively in the right environment.

Space Management

Space Management also plays an important role in designing the workplace. While designing it’s not all about the looks, but the place should be efficiently divided. A workplace should be functional and efficient for its workers. Private spaces are allocated to the staff so they work effectively. 

Communicative Spaces

Communicative Spaces or you can say Meeting Rooms should be designed in an office so staff can converse with each other face to face. Not only with staff but also with clients too. Communication between the staff can help in team building. 

Offices should be so functional that it provides an energetic and creative environment to their staff. An environment plays a very important role to stick your customer to your product. It contributes to the selling of the product. There are many offices in DHA Islamabad that are not only aesthetically designed but give a creative environment to their staff.

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