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DHA Phase 2 , Islamabad

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad is located at an ideal location, with direct access to Islamabad through Express way and to Rawalpindi through the GT Road.DHA Phase 2 Islamabad making it ideal housing project.

DHA Phase 2 comprising of approx. 15,075 kanals. 

All the sectors are fully urbanized and now home to a number of families.

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad is now one of the most desired housing projects in the twin cities of Rawalpindi /Islamaba

Community Features;


  • Jacaranda Family Club
  • Giga Mall
  • Parks
  • Swimming pool
  • Branded restaurants
  • Banks
  • International School
  • Coffee shops
Latest Prices of plots in DHA Phase  2 Islamabad have increased by over 40% in last 2 years, owning majorly to fast track houses construction activity and scarcity of good location plots.
DHA Phase 2, Islamabad   
SectorSizeCurrent Market Value
Sector A500 Sq Yds3.2 Crore -4.7 Crore
Sector B500 Sq Yds3.2 Crore - 4.8 Crore
Sector C500 Sq Yds3.4 Crore - 4.7 Crore
Sector D500 Sq Yds3.0 Crore - 4.5 Crore
Sector E500 Sq Yds3.8 Crore - 5.0 Crore
Sector F500 Sq Yds3.8 Crore - 5.0 Crore
Sector G500 Sq Yds3.2 Crore - 5.0 Crore
Sector H500 Sq Yds3.0 Crore - 4.8 Crore

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DHA Phase 2 Islamabad

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