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DHA Phase 3 Islamabad

DHA Phase 3  Islamabad is located within the twin cities nearby G.T Road and  Islamabad Expressway.

DHA Phase 3 Islamabad has direct access from Main GT Road. Gate of DHA 3 is located opposite to Giga Mall on GT Road. The distance from GT Road to DHA 3 is about 2 to 3 kilometers. Apart from this DHA 3 also has another access from Bahria Town Phase 8.

This project belonged to Bahria Town, everything from Land Acquiring to Development was managed by Bahria Town. An important thing to mention is that the development here was not easy because of the landscape of this area, but Bahria Town developed this area very professionally. The project then was named Bahria Serene City. This was the only project which was not launched for several years due to some court cases and litigation issues despite being fully developed. Back in 2013, the project was finally launched by Bahria Town in easy installments of two years. The price of a 10-marla plot was set at Rs 35 lac and the total price of a Kanal was set at Rs 60 lac.

In March 2016, Bahria Town Rawalpindi had to hand over the project to DHA Islamabad due to some issues. Allottees of Bahria Town were either refunded their deposit or were instructed to deposit another Rs.22 lacs as Development Charges to obtain the allotment letter from DHA Islamabad. The name of the project was changed from Serene City to DHA Phase 3 Islamabad. From that time till today this project is with DHA   allmatters including transfer and security are being managed by DHAI.

a) Residential Plots

There are only two sectors  developed ,  Sector A and Sector B. 

Sector A

Sector A has 1 kanal and 5 marla plots. The price of a 

5 Marla is between 95 lacs – 1 Cr 5 lacs

1 Kanal is between 2 Cr 25 lacs – 2 Cr 40 lacs

All the plots of Sector A are level. There is neither height nor depression in this sector. This sector is located near the main road coming from GT road. This Sector is developed and in possession. Houses are being constructed in this sector and many are under construction. Sector Park is there for children in this block along with Jamia Masjid

Sector B

It is at heighted location and has plots of all sizes 1Kanal, 10 Marla, 8 Marla and 5 Marla. Sector B is developed or possession block. 

The price of the Kanal plot is between 2 Cr 40 lac – 3 Cr 25 lac, the price variation here is more because some plots are located below Sector A with the price between 2 Cr 40 lac – 2 Cr 50 Lac while some plots are located on the beautiful Heighted Hills in DHA3. 

Like the few plots around  ​​Dua Chowk cost between 3 Cr – 3 Cr 25 lac. Then the extra land in some plots also determines their price. The more extra land , the more expensive they are.

10 Marla Plots: The location of 10 Marla plots is located on the height next to the mosque. This area is near Bahria Town Phase 8. The price of 10 Marla is between 1 Cr 60 lac – 1 Cr 80 lac

8 Marla to 5 Marla plots are located at the end of phase 3 at ground level below. The price of 8 Marla is between 90-95 lacs, while the price of 5 Marla is between 80 – 85 lacs.

There are 4 Masajid planed in sector B and around 15 small sector parks.Dedicated green space add beauty to this sector.

Sector C

Sector C is lately merged into Sector B

b) Apartments:

There are 8 different sites allocated for Apartments nearby Middle Ring Road varying from 8 to 10 Kanals. For example Site allocated for Apartments on Aveneue is 101.3 Kanal

c) Commercial:

There are various commercial plots available in DHA Phase 3. i-e 2.5 Marla, 5 Marla and 8 Marla.

2.5 Marla:  2.5 Marla  plot ranges from 1 Cr 80 lac – 2 Cr 20 lac.

5 Marla:  5 Marla  plot ranges from 3 Cr – 4 Cr 50 lac.

8 Marla:  8 Marla plot ranges from 3 Cr 50 lac – 5 Cr 50 lac.

Other parts of DHA 3 is Army Allocation and New Pindi

Army Allocation

Army Allocated is in the process of development. D, E, F, G, H, J.

D, E, F, and H are half-developed. 50 to 55% are work done in these sectors. G and J are in the development process. 

New Pindi

New Pindi is located on GT Road, which is under development to date.

  • Sector D & E under Developed,
  • Sector A, B, C – 80% of development work is complete.
  • In the coming 5 months, it will be ready for possession.


  • The landscape of DHA3 is very beautiful, there is no such landscape in any sector of DHA.
  • DHA3 located on GT Road is going to become a whole city in future. DHA3 Allocations and DHA3 Newpindi are under development. DHA3 Allocations are part of DHA3 and directly connected to it, while in future DHA Newpindi will also be connected to DHA Phase 3.
  • In the near future, the advantage of under construction Rawalpindi Ring Road which is being built from Islamabad Airport to Rawat and work is in progress will make  DHA Phase 3  worth investment at this time
  • If we talk about the comparison in rates, DHA Phase 3 prices are quite low compared to DHA Phase 2 Islamabad and DHA Phase 5 Islamabad
  •  investment at this time
  • If we talk about the comparison in rates, DHA Phase 3 prices are quite low compared to DHA Phase 2 Islamabad and DHA Phase 5 Islamabad

Current Market Value DHA Phase 3 Islamabad

DHA Phase 3 Islamabad - Current Market Value - Awan Properties
DHA Phase 3 Islamabad - Awan Properties
DHA Phase 3 Islamabad - Awan Properties


DHA Phase 3 Islamabad | Complete Overview


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