How to Design Tricky Interior Spaces

How to design tricky interior spaces - Awan Properties

There are some people who can walk into a room and instantly envision a magazine-worthy design concept. Then, there are people who perpetually struggle with the same old decorating challenges, like styling blank walls and barren bookshelves. It can take me months – maybe years – to configure a room or hang a series of portraits. Some people can’t cope with an incomplete space, There are some tips to design tricky spaces

Tricks To Design Tricky Interior Spaces

  • Decorating the wall behind a sofa
  • Designing a stairway motif
  • Styling bookshelf decor

Decorating the wall behind a sofa

The key here is to ensure the wall behind the couch works with the rest of the room. One option is to create a picture wall, the designer said.  But it is not easy at all 

If you’re giving it a go on your own there are two options: You can do a varied picture wall with frames of different colors, textures, and sizes. As you envision this, you’ll aim to stagger each piece, working horizontally, then vertically and so on up the wall. You’ll create an oval-like pattern, with the same weight on either side. The other option is to use photos of the same size and create a completely symmetrical, rectangular display.  You can purchase a picture wall kit online that includes a template. Stay away from collage frames because the photos will appear too small. 

Designing a stairway motif

A photo gallery is a popular option for this sticky space. The same rules that apply to the picture wall behind the sofa apply here, too. You can hang a series of identical frames  — which is easier — or a hodgepodge of sizes, frames, and textures. Before you get your pictures blown up, figure out your lowest point and your highest point on the wall. 

Styling bookshelf decor

When styling, work from the inside out. If you have built-in bookshelves flanking the fireplace, for example, start from the inside and work toward the wall. The end doesn’t have to be as filled in. Put a few books up, maybe lie a few flat next to it and pop a tchotchke on top.“Books become a platform to make something special, the designer said.  If you have only a few books, use them to pick up a color in the room. If your shelves look more like a library, vary the height and add a few pieces of decor. For added interest, use some wallpaper on the back of the shelves.  You can also opt for simple peel-and-stick wallpaper that you can swap out and if you’re a renter, it won’t ruin the wall. 

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