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National Income

What is National Income? Various Approaches to National Income

National Income According to Dr. Marshall “ Aggregate of goods and services produced by...
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Renovate your home - Awan Properties

Tips To Renovate Your Home Economically

Do you want to renovate your home economically and want to save money? You can do this by...
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Government Expenditure - Awan Properties

Where The Government Spent Its Income?

Government A group of people, who has the authority to govern people or a state. As...
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Difference b/w Domestic & International Trade

Before discussing the difference between domestic and international trade, let us know about...
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Different Kinds Of Taxes

As citizens, it is our responsibility to make sure that our country is doing well socially...
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Non-tax receipts

Government Revenue From Non-Tax Receipts

There are many other non-tax sources through which the government generates...
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Government Revenue From Taxes

The government generates its income from different sources. Tax is one of the sources of...
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Public and Private Revenue

Difference Between Public Revenue & Private Revenue?

Revenue Before discussing Public or Private Finances, we should know What is...
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DHA Islamabad Overseas

Investment Opportunity – DHA Islamabad Overseas – Nov 2022

DHA Islamabad Market is buzzing around this newly launched Sector by DHA Islamabad –...
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