10 Tools used in construction work - Awan Properties

10 Tools Used in Construction Work. 

Before starting a construction project, you need to know about the tools used during...
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3 Key features of workplace design - Awan Properties

3 Key Features Of Workplace Design

A space where one works, either in an office or a home. The environment of the workplace...
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Categories of Residential Real Estate - Awan Properties

3 Categories Of Residential Real Estate

Residential real estate is also known as residential properties. These are used for...
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How to sell luxury real estate in 2023 - Awan Properties.

How To Sell Luxury Real Estate in 2023?

It is difficult to sell luxury real estate. But you can elevate the property and highlight...
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Principles of interior design - Awan Properties

6 Principles Of Interior Design

Interior design is a creative process. Before starting, every project has its rules and...
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5 Types Of Commercial Real Estate Loans

By starting commercial real estate. You will need to start thinking about how you will go...
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6 Trending interior design tips in 2023 - Awan Properties

6 Trending Interior Design Tips in 2023

Nowadays people are more concerned with decorating their homes. They are searching for a...
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5 Innovative Real Estate Marketing Strategies - Awan Properties

5 Innovative Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Real Estate is an emerging industry in Pakistan nowadays. The marketing of products and...
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Benefits Of Investing In Commercial Real Estate - Awan Properties

Benefits Of Investing In Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is a type of property that is leased out for business and retail...
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