10 Essential Tips For Cleaning Small Spaces And Apartments

10 essential tips for cleaning small spaces and apartments - Awan Properties

You might think that spring cleaning small spaces would be easier than tackling a larger one, but it’s not that simple. While a small space or apartment means there’s less ground to cover, and in theory, less to clean, accessing every inch of a small space – particularly when there’s a lot of stuff – can be challenging. That means that a spring cleaning blitz in a small space will include a fair amount of organizing and decluttering your home to organize small spaces more efficiently.10 essential tips for cleaning small spaces and apartments are as follows

10 Essential Tips For Cleaning Small Spaces And Apartments

  • Make a plan
  • Start by decluttering
  • Think smart storage
  • Make more floor space
  • Start at the top
  • Choose your tools carefully
  • Assess your closet
  • Streamline the kitchen
  • Rethink your bathroom
  • Establish a cleaning schedule

Make a plan

Before you dive into your spring cleaning, it’s best to plan and prioritize, thinking about what you want to achieve. “Make a list of tasks you want to accomplish during your spring cleaning session

Start by decluttering

Clean and decluttered small kitchen space to highlight decluttering as a spring cleaning tip for apartments and small spaces. This process will help create more space and provide a solid foundation for the remaining cleaning tasks.

Think smart storage

Be creative with your storage solutions. clean and decluttered small space. Such creative storage solutions can also help you out when cleaning in the future. 

Make more floor space

This tip may be more long-term than part of a quick spring clean, but in a small space, you want to make as much floor space as possible. Shelves, hooks, and hanging organizers can help keep your items off the floor and create more space,” says designer

Start at the top

A woman cleans the top of cabinets in a white kitchen to demonstrate a spring cleaning tip for apartments and small spaces. If you are not doing cleaning in this way, it could lead to more work

Choose your tools carefully

When working with a small space, you must ensure that your cleaning products and appliances aren’t too big for the job and are easy to store. Take a look at the products you’re using, too, multi-purpose cleaning products can be really useful in small spaces or apartments, as they minimize cleaning product clutter and maximize efficiency. Cleaning with vinegar is even better because this may already live in your pantry supplies.

Assess your closet

The change of seasons is the perfect time to reassess your wardrobe, and you may want to swap one season’s clothing for another. Of course, this approach only works if you have somewhere to store the out-of-season clothing. If you have room, try a closet declutter to make space.

Streamline the kitchen

When spring cleaning a kitchen, you’ll want to declutter and rethink storage as well as tend to often neglected spots such as cleaning cabinet handles, coffee grinders, and trash cans. Ideally, you want your gadgets and appliances to be multi-purpose and your countertops to be as clutter-free as possible

Rethink your bathroom

A small bathroom is another area that could probably use a bathroom declutter before you get stuck into any cleaning. Showers that don’t have inbuilt shelves or storage could benefit from a shower caddy or corner shelf. Just clean these when cleaning the shower because they attract suds and excess residue.

Establish a cleaning schedule

The most important thing to remember when spring cleaning a bathroom is that this really isn’t a ‘once-a-year’ activity. Regular cleaning and disinfection are especially important in small bathrooms, where moisture and bacteria can accumulate quickly, says Zark

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