10 Design Rules To Maximize A Narrow Space For A Galley Kitchen


What is the best layout for a galley kitchen?

Galley kitchen layouts are one of the main ways to plan out your kitchen. These efficient cook spaces are generally long, narrow layouts, comprising two rows of base and wall cupboards with a corridor or walkway between them. The name is derived from the galley kitchen of a ship, airplane, or train where space is generally at a premium; hence these two-sided kitchen layouts provide an efficient and ergonomic way to pack in storage and appliances in a small kitchen. Such a double run of parallel units does suit the proportions of a compact footprint but galley kitchens are also a really slick way to organize your layout in a larger kitchen. For instance, you can incorporate a galley kitchen layout into an open floor plan by introducing an island that forms one side of the galley. 10 design rules to maximize a narrow space for a galley kitchen are as follows

10 design rules to maximize a narrow space for a galley kitchen

  • Opt for a single galley layout
  • Be clever with depths and heights
  • Squeeze in a slim prep table
  • Utilize every inch of high cupboards
  • Extend with a built-in bench
  • Create a pleasing symmetry
  • Recreate a galley layout with an island
  • Add a breakfast bar
  • Group tall cabinets together
  • Extend into an L-shaped corner hub

Opt for a single galley layout

Single-line galley kitchens featuring just one run of units work particularly well in an open-plan layout. Chose a single galley layout, without upper wall kitchen cabinets, to create a seamless flow that echoes the long lines of the house. The long run of oak cabinetry with linear detailing ends with a tall cupboard, clad in contrasting burgundy tones, to house the appliances.

Be clever with depths and heights

Galley kitchens offer efficient layouts with small kitchen storage and appliances all within easy reach. However, you can optimize your galley layout even further, by paying close attention to the depth and height of cabinets and worktops –tweaking these dimensions will tailor your design to suit your space and individual requirements.

Squeeze in a slim prep table

Galley kitchen layouts might generally be narrow but that doesn’t mean you cannot include a kitchen island or dining feature. Look out for slim freestanding tables – a vintage antique or bespoke piece creates an eye-catching centerpiece – that can be used for a perch with friends or an extra preparation surface.

Utilize every inch of high cupboards

Galley kitchen layouts are often long and narrow, Utilize every inch of high cupboards and install a roof light plus a discreet lighting recess at the very top of the tall units.

Extend with a built-in bench

A galley kitchen layout should not be a barrier to fitting in a seating and dining zone as is displayed by this fairly wide space. Created as an extension of one run of cabinetry, the built-in bench offers somewhere comfortable to sit with extra storage underneath – with room for a freestanding table and extra chairs on the other side. The low-level sideboard and open shelving on the opposite side of the room clearly demarcate this end of the galley layout as the space for eating and entertaining.

Create a pleasing symmetry

In open-plan living, there is something rather pleasing about the compact dimensions of a single galley kitchen – especially when it displays a harmonious symmetry as shown in this modern rustic décor. There is still space for a double oven, sink, and plenty of storage despite its small footprint, demonstrating how galley kitchens are the ultimate in efficiency.

Recreate a galley layout with an island

Recreate the efficiency of a galley-style kitchen layout in a larger, open-plan space by installing an island unit. In this kitchen, there is a traditionally narrow galley layout at one end of the kitchen formed by the fridge-freezer standing opposite the kitchen dressers. Then, the section that leads out to the open-plan living zone is maximized with a freestanding island, installed to stand perfectly in line with the galley zone.

Add a breakfast bar

Break up the straight lines of a very modern galley kitchen layout with a stripped-back breakfast bar. The simplicity of this overhang adds an extra visual dimension to the sparse contemporary galley layout.

Group tall cabinets together

Both sides of the galley layout don’t need to be perfectly symmetrical – in fact, it’s often a good idea to group tall cabinetry on one side to enhance a feeling of spaciousness. ‘For example, if you’re instantly faced with a tall, overwhelming wall of cabinetry as you enter, it will only enhance the feeling of it being a smaller space. In the same way, think about grouping all the tall cabinetry together rather than having them dotted throughout, as this will cleverly open up the room.’

Extend into an L-shaped corner hub

By creating a built-in L-shaped banquette, we were able to fit four people on the banquette, in addition to the two side chairs. It also gave us precious extra storage space as the seat tops lift up for storage underneath.’

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